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We are a team of intellectual, committed and hardworking individuals.

We operate a fairly flat structure with six levels within the firm

At AGP, our analysts conduct precise and in-depth research, perform sector studies, and develop basic financial models. Analysts also deliver components of project reports and support successful workshops with the sound industry knowledge they have developed.


AGP Consultants leverage solid industry knowledge and keen surveillance of current news and changing trends to provide clear guidance to our analysts. They coordinate the delivery of error-free outputs and manage report preparation.


Our Senior Consultants manage complete outputs, providing insights to management beyond news and information. Bringing solid industry expertise to bear, they structure, plan, manage and coach work and teams through to successful implementation.

Senior Consultant

Managers at AGP manage client relationships, realizing the commercial potential of our clients. Combining project work, sector studies and thought-leadership, they plan and communicate project objectives, design and structure projects, plan and manage budgets and conduct effective workshops.


Our Associates contribute specific quotas to business profitability. They maintain strong relationships with key clients and influencers. Coordinating business development, operations, and multiple assignments, they provide high standards of quality control while mentoring younger colleagues.


Partners at AGP are elected into the role. The Managing Partner at AGP is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company as well as the implementation of board policies.


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Working with AGP has been an amazing experience for me personally because, at AGP you can be anything you want to be as long as you're determined, focused and dedicated, at AGP I've been able to align with the experience I've acquired here, been able to travel outside my work place to witness different cultures and backgrounds. It's been a great privilege working with a team of highly experienced individuals and I've been able to key in to the basic components of AGP which are team work, competence and professionalism, with a boss like Angela, you couldn't go wrong, her dedication to work ethics, staff welfare and team management are second to none. AGP is an organization where individual differences are nurtured; information is not suppressed or spun, the company adds value to employees, rather than merely extracting it from them, AGP stands for something meaningful; the work itself is intrinsically rewarding and I've been very grateful for these opportunities.

Gabriel Mchivga, Analyst

Working at AGP has been a wonderful experience for me. AGP encourages career development, team work and all round growth of it's employees. AGP provides exceptional opportunities to work with executives and to collaborate with talented people in carrying out projects while also challenging you to be best at what you do.

Prayer Samuel, Analyst

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